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Increase verbosity

I saw something like this today: I couldn’t find anything in the manual or help about the dash-triple-v option other than the dash-v which enables verbose output. Turns out that by adding an extra v or two you’re increasing the verbosity of the output. Increase the verbosity I say!

Magento: getOrderId() deprecated

After Magento CE, Mage_Checkout_Block_Onepage_Success::getOrderId() has been deprecated. Need to get the order id? Don’t bother looking for getLastRealOrderId() as it uses Magento’s magical (or not so magical) getter/setter. More about that here:

Magento: One site, multiple domains

A client recently wanted 2 domains resolving to the same Magento instance. This is typically discouraged due to SEO concerns of duplicate data/information but I digress. Depending on your DNS management, you’d probably “park” the 2nd domain over the primary domain… done and dusted. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple with Magento due to its robust multi-site and URL rewriting system.…

Copy Images and Layers from Illustrator to Photoshop with pixel perfect accuracy

Part of my website development cycle is receiving the website design as an Illustrator file from my graphic designer. From there, I often have to extract design elements (images, layers, outlines) from the Illustrator file, import them (copy/paste) into Photoshop, perhaps do a few manipulations and finally save for web. In 99% of cases, I required pixel perfect accuracy. Up…