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Month: December 2010

Photostore Purge Plugin

I recently had to purge about 100’000 photos from a Photostore site and doing it using the manager control panel is very time consuming. I developed a little plugin that will delete all photos not associated to a category and clean up DB entries. Worked great for me but use at your own risk.

Facebook: Pages vs Groups

Nowadays it’s pretty much standard practice for companies to utilise Facebook in order to extend their online presence. However, faced with the option of creating and maintaining a¬†Facebook page or a Facebook group, which do you choose? Page, group or both? Both is definitely out of the question as you’d end up with duplicate content, a split client base and…

How SSL certificates differ

Today I had to purchase a SSL(Secure Socket Layer) certificate to complement an online booking system I developed for a travel/tourism company. Now I’ve had very limited experience with SSL certificates and when time came to actually buy one I didn’t know where to start. Due to the large price difference in SSL certs from CAs(certificate authorities) such as GeoTrust,…