Always know where your towel is.

Author: Trev

jQuery Checkbox select all

Ever wanted to allow a user to click the Select all checkbox and have all the checkboxes magically have checks in them? You might want to do that if you have lots of options, especially if your checkboxes are being generated dynamically from information pulled from a database. The latter is what prompted me to add a select all button…

Back up! Time Machine saved my life!

Just a quick note about how important it is to backup your data! The hard drive in my MacBook Pro decided to stop working this morning and in my case, my laptop is my life. All my work, photos, music, contacts are stored on this one laptop. Luckily, a few months ago, after staring at that inactive Time Machine icon…

Generating HTML select with PHP foreach

I’m currently programming the update part of a simple CRUD user interface. This form loads up data relating to a product we’ve previously entered and lets you update its attributes. One of the fields required a dropdown box with a selection of available options with the current selected options being the first default selection. While I know this isn’t rocket…

Photostore Purge Plugin

I recently had to purge about 100’000 photos from a Photostore site and doing it using the manager control panel is very time consuming. I developed a little plugin that will delete all photos not associated to a category and clean up DB entries. Worked great for me but use at your own risk.