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Category: Magento

Magento: One site, multiple domains

A client recently wanted 2 domains resolving to the same Magento instance. This is typically discouraged due to SEO concerns of duplicate data/information but I digress. Depending on your DNS management, you’d probably “park” the 2nd domain over the primary domain… done and dusted. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple with Magento due to its robust multi-site and URL rewriting system.…

Magento PHP Extension “mcrypt” must be loaded – Mac OSX Lion

NOTE: Whilst this specifically resolves the probem, I’d suggest setting up a virtual environment for your development using a combination of VirtualBox and Vagrant. Ever try to setup Magento in a local dev. environment on your Mac? You might have encountered an error message: PHP extension “mcrypt” must be loaded Well we better load it then! This solution here worked…