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Copy Images and Layers from Illustrator to Photoshop with pixel perfect accuracy

Part of my website development cycle is receiving the website design as an Illustrator file from my graphic designer. From there, I often have to extract design elements (images, layers, outlines) from the Illustrator file, import them (copy/paste) into Photoshop, perhaps do a few manipulations and finally save for web.

In 99% of cases, I required pixel perfect accuracy. Up until today, I used to struggle with retaining the design element size when I’d import it into Photoshop. For example, I’d select an element in Illustrator which is 100px*100px, copy it and paste it in Photoshop. Once in Photoshop it would then be about 98px*99px.

Turns out it’s because anti-aliasing is on by default when you confirm a pasted element into Photoshop. So the solution, simply enough, is to disable anti-aliasing before you confirm the placing of the element in photoshop.

I’ve created a short screencast to cover this issue (view in 1080p to get the full effect):

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