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Facebook: Pages vs Groups

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Nowadays it’s pretty much standard practice for companies to utilise Facebook in order to extend their online presence. However, faced with the option of creating and maintaining a¬†Facebook page or a Facebook group, which do you choose? Page, group or both? Both is definitely out of the question as you’d end up with duplicate content, a split client base and as a result: inefficient marketing.

So I did some research and found a great article detailing the pros and cons of the Facebook group and page. You can read the article here: Facebook Groups Vs Pages: The Definitive Guide

Essentially, Facebook pages is the right choice for any business that values analytics, is expecting to grow, values SEO and utilises targeted marketing.

Some noteworthy points about Facebook pages

  • You cannot send mass messages out like you can with Facebook groups(which by the way is disabled once you reach 5000) but you can send page updates out to all your members which is similar. Click on: Edit page->Marketing->Send an update
  • You have page analytics which not only tell you how many people have joined or left your page but also offer geographical, gender and age group break-down amongst otherthings.
  • You can have a human readable URL( which is not possible with groups

Facebook Groups vs Pages

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